How to see the best of Cairo in 48hrs

Cairo, Egypt is one of those cities that have an ancient spirit that still lingers in its old streets, and a charm that lives within its crooked walls.
We went there again this summer to shoot for one of our latest shoots, and it has always provided an authentic backdrop to our collections.

We explored the old part of Cairo beyond Khan El Khalili and discovered some real hidden gems that are thousands of years old.
Start with Khan El khalili and snake your way through its ally ways through to El MOEZ Street. There you will come across what we found out to be the first hospital for the mentally ill, that used to treat patients via meditation through music! Apparently patients when discharged were given some chickens and money so they didn't have to stress about finding a job or feeding them themselves so quickly after being reintroduced back into society.

You will also find monuments built as schools in the 1200s. Buildings of such beauty and grander because of their rock and limestones facade and interior, with ornate detailing on the ceilings, with an array of colours only seen together on a peacock.

We definitely suggest a visit to Ibn Tulun Mosque. Built over 800 years ago, the vast space is a sight to behold, and provides for some great photographic vantage points.

Mohamed Ali Palace is another architectural gem which is a must visit.
The new grand Egyptian museum which is due to open in November. Located at the foot of the Pyramids, promises to be monumental in scale.

Despite its intolerable traffic, and exhaustive fumes, Egypt delivers in spades. You just need to look closely.