Our journey over the past 6 years has taken us to some far flung places. From the exotic, to the glamorous, to the right damn shabby. All have provided for some interesting and genuine stories that have made each collection and its location shoots so memorable and unique.
Since we now have time to pause and reflect on the journey we've had, its given us time to recall some of these memories, and we would love to share them with you, because you've always been part of the narrative.
Our customers are the reason why we venture out and seek out new and different locations that offer more than a pretty backdrop.

We hope you enjoy these little stories and benefit from our guides, and we hope to continue to make more of them with you.


eniGma's Magazine

We all know that shoes can make or break your outfit. Seriously life is too short for boring shoes. And now with Maksters we're about to experience footwear as we haven't before. With Maksters stocking in Cairo at concept store 29 - 31 in Maadi and their availability in Paris, London, Dubai, as well as on their own website www.m ...

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Marie Claire Arabia

لطالما­ اجتمع الفنّ بالموضة، ولطالما شكّلت الإبداعات ا ...

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Wikipedia Man: A Chat with founder Jimmy Wales

Q&A WITH JIMMY WALES Were you ever an encyclopedia man? Or were you one of the many who felt encyclopedias held outdated, biased information? I have always loved encyclopedias from the time when I was a child. Yes, the older encyclopedias were sometimes biased and sometimes outdated, but even so, they were the best we had ...

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Read our feature in Elite Traveler Magazine. {http://www.elitetraveler.com/features/maksters-slippers>Click here for Elite Traveler feature} ...

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Read all about us in Spear's Magazine {http://www.spearswms.com/news/maksters-classic-slippers-with-a-modern-flair-4295288/#.U6A7ZpIayK2>Click here to check out our feature in Spear's Magazine} ...

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